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💖Life In Gacha Life is a fan-made visual novel💖

💖It takes place in the life mode of gacha life and it's a remake of it💖

💖It's a visual novel with 1 playable character 💖

💖You can choose which character to use and you'll play the story from his/her point of view.💖

💖There are three different ends: 💖

2 perfect endings (based on the ship you choose)

1 bad ending

1 true ending


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Release date Sep 07, 2021
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withGDevelop
TagsGacha, Gacha Club, gacha-cute, gacha-dress, gacha-life, gacha-life-visual-novel, gacha-story, Halloween, lunime
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesGerman, English, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast, One button
LinksYouTube, Homepage, Blog, Carrd


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LifeInGachaLife_2_1_19_07_22_Abcia2.apk 115 MB
LifeInGachaLife_2_1_19_07_22_Abcia2.exe 160 MB
LifeInGachaLife_2_1_19_07_22_Abcia2.zip 184 MB

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Deleted 16 days ago
Deleted 16 days ago


For me, the mouse is extremely laggy wich ruins the whole gameplay. asides that the game and story is very great!!  I hope you will fix the issue.

(1 edit)

i really like the cutscenes and the voice acting at the beginning was nice. i just wish the text boxes were smaller so i can see more of the characters (rn i can only see michael's head) - also Bea and Akiko my beloved <3

here the picture

try to go to 


here you will find Uninstall Life In Gacha Life.exe

run it

umm i reset my computer but the life in gachalife app it gone we must delete this app now don't try this app

the game is working for me and i thinking that don't have virus

When I install this app it have virus then i click run anyways 

then when i play it it don't work i see that it have virus 

and i can't delete it i try two deleting ways then both of them don't one is command one is throwing the app in the trash bin

Now i'm stuck with this app forever unless I Log off start over

can you tell what to do to delete life in gacha life


Okay... now i'm scared


it's because the comment below said that a message was appearing saying that it had a virus but I'm going to install it today and if I don't have it I'll send a picture of the game

I know that, it's also in the tutorial about how to install the game.

Don't worry tho; it's completely normal (kinda) and the game is 100% safe. I have no skills and ways to put a virus inside a game made with GDevelop5

Hey!!saying that I have ran into a problem. Wene downloading this I have WinRAR to download this, and it says*we have found 124 viruses in this game are you sure you want to download? * So I think you should fix this error please :( btw WinRAR let me download a lot of this Gaches and other games.

Don't worry, it's completely normal (kinda) and the game is 100% safe. I have no skills and ways to put a virus inside a game made with GDevelop5

Ok I'm just worried for my computer because its new

Ok.. I saw a comment from someone saying that the game had a virus and I didn't see anyone sending a picture of the game to find out if it has a virus or not, but since the last two people who will comment talked about how good the game is, so I'll install and tomorrow I'll send the photo to see if it has a virus or not (๑ơ ₃ ơ)

I JUST PLAYED AND I'M CRYING ITS BUTIFUL AND I WANT AN ENDING (if u need an extra helper in development ring meh up)

Does the game have a virus?? there are many comments saying that they have it and I'm afraid to install it and get a virus :(

(2 edits)

Hii , can you do another part for that game? Its very good , I love it!

Does the game have a virus?? there are many comments saying that they have it and I'm afraid to install it and get a virus :(

I didnt get any virus, idk if others got but i didnt so yeah, i dont think it does

Okay thanks for answering me :)

No problem! I love to help people! :D



I installed the game and it's working and I don't think it has a virus because nothing strange happened

ur game has virus!!!


It has been made with gdvelop 5

also I don't know any programming language

You can safely install it, don't worry 

I don't understand when did we start play and make an oc🥲

one in spanish plsss

Idk why but this appears


did you try to uninstall the game and reinstall it after rebooting the phone?

yea:( and the sad thing is I AM on Android

Sí :( y lo triste es que SOY en Android

예:(슬픈 점은 Android에서 내가 AM이라는 것입니다.

Could you maybe try to fix the problem 

I could try

however the program I use to make my games doesn't let me modify that part :c

I could try to reset my tablet? i mean I have hoops run so...I think that I need to reset my tablet.

I don't think a reset of the device is needed

try to uninstall life in gacha life, reboot the device, free up storage and update (if possible) the operative system and system apps

Gra bardzo fajna ale czy mogłabyś-mógłbyś dodać język polski

Very enjoyable! Looking forward to the completion of this game.

(8 edits)

oh my god the nostalgia of gacha life,and combined with my favourite type of game AKA visual novel...X-X

Also I can see the effort put into this,it's so cool! I like how there's some voice over too,and the movement are smooth!

Though,in terms of vocab for the English version,it can be a bit weird,but it's a very cool concept!

Keep up the great work!


Thank you so much <3

If you want you can report weird phrases here:


What is your favorite visual novel?

(1 edit) (+1)

I love this game already! I can't wait to see how the game turns out when it's finished! Also, do you mind if I try and make a game like this? Thanks! 


I'm not the so first person who does a visual novel game

so, if you want to make a visual novel, you can do it without problems 

(1 edit)

Help pls i need a tutorial!- oh . dont need more-


Its not working for me:<


which platform are you using?




ima try it


Same :>


I tried this a few days ago. It's really amazing that made me inspired to make my own GL / GC VN!

Can you give me the link


this game is goood


life in life lol

but good job, it looks really good!


thank you 

(1 edit) (+2)

Its fun! But sometimes it will say somebody is speaking when actually the other person is speaking and sometimes their will be incorrect grammar which can be confusing in a story. I love the game <3!


I know

I'm correcting errors with grammarly


Ok! I hope I didnt hurt your feelings!

(1 edit)

oh no don't worry

a feedback it's a feedback

you even donated, so I'm super thankful to you <3


Part 2?

comin soon
see my last post




I loved that lil vid showing it


hiii!!! just a quick question, what program/engine do you use to make your VN?

all programs used are wrote in the credits cutscene 


i have gdevelop im at it lol


this game is so good





I love it so far! cant wait to see what's next!

Will the update take long I have installed it all ready 


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